The "Brainplate in Eb" video was made by _1_2_7_. Her work can be found on Instagram and beyond.

Thank you for watching "Brainplate in Eb" 2,000+ times. Here's Amy doing a new song solo.

" A E I O U " was

animated by JonathanRichter 

recorded at BattleTapesRecording, and

mastered at TrueEastMastering.


As a thank you for viewing "Brainplate in Eb" 1,000+ times, here's Zack doing a Forget Cassettes cover.



Fetching and eye-catching orthopterological Mute Group garments on high-quality, very soft Canvas brand T-shirts are no longer available for a Hamilton, but will be again.

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Friday 18 May 2018

The East Room

Cloudmouth CD release

w/ Lylas & Basic Printer

8pm  -  $5


The East Room is located on 2412 Gallatin Ave, Nashville,.

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